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    The beauty and versatility of Dekton™ applies to floors, coverings, stairs, facades, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, pool edges and any other surfaces, creating harmony between interior and exterior spaces.


    The great versatility of the Belgrani products allows them to adapt to the most diverse applications. In addition to the kitchen and bathroom countertops and also stairs, pavements and coverings, for both exteriors and interiors, there are three materials in which they can be fabricated: marble, granite or compressed.


    Belgrani provides technicians that assure the quality from the beginning of the implementation of the project to the final product. We produce and export to several European countries.

Raw Materials

Materials with modern or traditional colors.



It is possible to create almost anything using stone.



Let your creativity fly. See our creations.



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The Company

Belgrani is situated in Montelavar, Municipality of Sintra, where, for over 100 years, the extraction and transformation of rock is carried out in Portugal. We are proud to be presently one the better equipped companies in its sector, thus enabling the continuity of the Portuguese tradition in the mastery of the technique to work stone.

Nowadays, there are many possibilities of shapes and materials for working stone. Using the latest technology, CNC machines, Belgrani works with granite, marble and compressed. Standardized parts and special parts "on demand". We have a catalogue with different options and execute the drawings you present us.

This is the Belgrani philosophy: A different way of thinking. Come to our showroom and see all the solutions that we have for your architectural project.
  • Quality of the final product
  • Exclusive Design of the pieces
  • Quick response on deliveries.
  • Versatility of Materials
  • Experienced Assembly team
  • We work for the wopening Europe

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