Belgrani works hard to satisfy the most demanding customers. That's how it managed to became international.


Belgrani has 2 production lines. The first is intended for the serial production of countertops and the other, which comprises the CNC machines, is intended for the production of washbasins and design kitchens.

Serial production line
These are the stages of the serial production of kitchen and bathroom countertops and shops counters.
1st Stage – Selecting the slab: The stone with the characteristics requested by the customer is removed from the "Slab Warehouse" and its transportation is carried out by means of a crane bridge.
2nd Stage –Cutting of the slab: Our machines cut the stone with great precision.
3rd Stage – Rounding or Beveling: The finishes of the tops are made, rounded or beveled or using a composed system.
4th Stage – Strengthening and drilling openings: Before the openings are drilled (oven plate and dishwasher), these areas are reinforced with steel strips to increase their resistance.
5th Stage – Finishes: The finish touches in the countertops are made.
6th Stage – Quality Control: The quality of the final product is controlled with the maximum rigor.
7th Stage – Packaging: The product is prepared to be safely transported to the customer.
The use of water is a constant in every stage of this production line process.
Production line of design kitchens
 In this case, the production depends on the CNC machines, whose computerized system automatically continues the thinning, lowering, rounding and polishing processes. This production line allows the creation of high quality products in record time, as well as the production of massive pieces and kitchens with complex designs. Using the highest technology, Belgrani's CNC machines allow us to attain a final result of great perfection.  

Raw Materials
Belgrani is dedicated to the creation of its pieces with the use of the following materials:
Quartz Compac
Eventually we accept manufacturing pieces using other materials, such as marble.

Although there are no standard measures for natural stone slabs, since the blocks extracted from the quarries have different dimensions, we can only provide you with the approximate maximum measurements.
Maximum dimensions (approximately) of natural stone slabs:
* Width 1.50m.
* Length 2.70m.
* Most common thickness used in tops – 3.00cm
The thickness varies between 2.00cm and 12.00cm.
Whenever choosing the raw material, you must pay attention to the following: granite and marble are natural products and therefore subjected to variation in color, grain and veins. Belgrani transforms Portuguese natural stones, foreign natural stones and Silestone, which is an agglomerate of quartz, silica and polyester resin.
We have a wide range of granite, highly resistant and durable hard rocks, in very different tones, such as grey, pink, yellow, white, blue and black.
Our ability to transform all kinds of natural stones, allows us to create a wide range of products.

As for the compressed products, they are very resistant to shocks, acids and scratches, and are composed of silica and quartz, polyester resin, pigments and other additives.
They are produced in 38 different colors and are used for a variety of purposes, in particular kitchens, countertop basins, sinks, floors and stairs. It is presented in large slabs of 3.04m x 1.35m/1.40m, and in three different thicknesses: 1.20cm; 2.00cm and 3.00cm.