The most varied types of kitchen or table countertops, fireplaces, floor and wall coverings, drip trays for walls or Windows, sinks, etc. You can count on Belgrani to help you with your project.


We produce all shapes of kitchen and bathrooms countertops, from the conventional rectangle to the most original squiggles. But not only. Despite Belgrani being oriented towards the manufacturing of these products, we have also been developing works in other areas, such as fireplaces, stairs and special fillers for interspaces. All with the highest quality of execution.

In addition to the products developed by our designers, we also like challenges. Whatever its complexity may be, we execute your project with accuracy.

Stone design: the specialty of Belgrani.

Regardless of its complexity, we execute your project accurately.

The great versatility of the Belgrani products allows them to adapt to the most diverse applications. In addition to the kitchen and bathroom countertops and also stairs, pavements and coverings, for both exteriors and interiors, there are three materials in which they can be fabricated: marble, granite or compressed (Silestone®, Compac, StoneLight, etc.).

Find out in detail some of the different possibilities for the use of the Belgrani products.

We create and fabricate useful objects produced according to a functional and aesthetic criteria, in compliance with the projects carried out by a designer or architect. The STONE DESIGN is the main component of the Belgrani products. Therefore, our designers have created standard models of stone Sinks, Washbasins, Kitchenettes and Fireplaces, with clean-cut and modern expressions. We value the aesthetic quality of natural stone, using the clarity present in the regular solids. The harmony of the sphere, of the cube and of the pyramid, has been combined with the nobility of natural stone.


For your kitchen, in addition to all the combinations that you can do with our solutions for lowerings, we have at your disposal models of standardized countertops, produced in natural stone or compressed (Silestone®, Compac, StoneLight, etc.). They all have standardized dimensions, in order to easily fit with the built-in appliances. • Raw material color (marble, granite, compressed (Silestone®, Compac, StoneLight, etc.). • Stone thickness (the minimum thickness should be taken into account). • Design intended for the water drain system (see some of our suggestions, for example the layout with wavy lines) • Dimensions of the furniture and household appliances to be placed under the countertop. • Shape, dimensions, brand and reference of the tank. • Number of tanks (one or two). • Diameter of the opening for the mixer. • Dimension of the waste grinder. There are countless possibilities of shapes for kitchen countertops, from the Belgrani models, presented in this brochure, to all the combinations you wish to do with our lowerings. If you prefer, you can also create your own model. This type of countertop is performed according to the Execution Project on a Scale of: 1: 50 or 1: 20, in Autocad®, incorporating all the details essential to its proper construction.


This represents a modern solution for the kitchen, bringing all of its functionalities together in a kind of a large central table. It includes a sink, stove, a wood-lined area for food preparation, as well as a dining area.


When creating fireplaces, we can design concave and convex shapes with accuracy, using all the potential of our CNC machines – They perform their creations with great perfection.


Belgrani has created solutions for lowerings, with diverse design cuts. You can choose the solution you desire. Its extent.


At this point, ergonomic related issues are very important. In addition to the mixer, you must also determine the location for the existence of a food disposal, if such is your desire. The thickness of the joint covering profile (about 1.5 cm in depth) has to be subtracted.


This piece is placed on the wall, either for aesthetic reasons, or if you want to protect it from water. Or even to hide the wall imperfections from where the countertop is placed against. In General, the joint covering profiles are rectangular stripes, although they may have different shapes and sizes. They are usually made from the same raw material of countertop (natural stone or Silestone®), with a thickness of 1.5 cm and between 4 to 7 cm in height, but they may also have other measures. Rounding and beveling may be used in the top of the joint covering profiles, according to the finish you have selected for the top of the countertop.


We also produce footers for a more effective protection of the cabinet next to the floor. Footers can have various measures and create a stone stripe that values the lower edge of the Cabinet. Footers are always produced according to the Implementing Project, in which the following data must be indicated: • Color 1 raw material • Quantity • Thickness.


Since stone is a natural product, it can become fragile with the drilling of openings. Using its computerized system, Belgrani proceeds to a structural reinforcement using steel of 1.2 mm in thickness, in order to increase the resistance of the countertop.


All of Belgrani's countertops have drip trays which, like the structural reinforcements, are also made by our computerized machines. These pieces are applied along the entire length, and in the right and left sides if there are any. This avoids the water from draining through the doors and drawers of the cabinet.

We have a wide range of marbles and granites from all over the world. The fact that we are able to process all kinds of natural stones, from any part of the globe, as well as the compressed (Silestone®, Compac, StoneLight, etc.), allows us to produce diversified products, tailored to your needs.

Regarding compressed materials, they are agglomerates very resistant to absorption and shock, as well as to acids and scratches. This agglomerates are composed of silica and quartz (95%), polyester resin (4%), pigments and other additives (1%). They are produced in 38 different colors and are used for the most diverse purposes, in particular in kitchens, countertop sinks, floors and stairs. They are presented in large slabs, of 3.04 m x 1.35m/1.40 m in thickness and in three different thicknesses: 1.20 cm; 2.00 cm and 3.00cm. The range of colors of Silestone® is used the STELLAR, MITHOLOGY and MESOPOTAMIA series.