A wide range of kitchen or table countertops, steps, floor and wall coverings, drip trays for walls or windows, sinks, etc. You can count on Belgrani to help you with your project.
Meet our services portfolio.

Belgrani consists of a team of professionals, who work continuously to offer you a quality service with a high manufacturing profitability.
With a deep knowledge regarding the possibilities, applications and technical characteristics of both materials and equipment with which they work, our team guarantees the excellence of the Belgrani products, whether they are intended to be used in civil construction, interior design or decoration.

At Belgrani, everyone is engaged in maintaining the level of quality in the final result of our products. This principle is extended from the Administration, to the Sales Department, production, warehouse, measurement, design, until it reaches the technician who monitors the quality of the product that, after his approval, is sent to the Assembly team, which is responsible for placing the piece at the location indicated by the customer. But our service does not end there. Belgrani's commercial department offers its customers all the necessary after-sale support.

Commercial Department · information
Belgrani has sales technicians who are well familiarized with the natural stone and compressed (composed of silica agglomerate, quartz and polyester resin). They can offer you all the information you need about our products. You can easily get a quotation, simply send us a fax or email with all the necessary specifications (approximate dimensions, raw materials, types of finishes) and you will receive your answer within 24h.
Belgrani reserves the right to periodically change the characteristics of its standardized products, without the obligation to notify the technician or the customer. Therefore, it is preferable to always stay informed by accessing our Press Room or our social networks (see more below the links of the social networks where Belgrani is present).

Measuring and drawing department
Belgrani has technicians who perform on-site measurements and analyze the drawings (using Autocad®), always checking if the dimensions are correct and if the information is sufficient.

Our products are properly packaged with polythene before being delivered to the customer. In order for the customer to safely transport it to the job site. For exportation purposes, they will also be packaged with Styrofoam and placed in wooden boxes suitable for such purposes.

We perform the assembly of our products throughout the entire country.

Show-room and Internet
Belgrani has a show-room in its manufacturing facilities in Montelavar, municipality of Sintra, where you can see several models of kitchen countertops created by some of the best designers and architects in the country. Come and visit us. We are open from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.