More than 27 years dedicated to the art of working stone

With in-depth knowledge of possibilities, applications and technical characteristics, our team ensures product excellence. Whether for applications in construction, interior design or decoration, we guarantee quality and precision in each project.

Excellence in finishes

Excellence in finishes is a constant in all works in which Belgrani is involved, reinforcing the commitment to perfection in every detail.

We work with the best suppliers and materials on the market


A high-performance process

1. Commercial Department

Our sales technicians at Belgrani specialise in natural stone and compacted stone made of silica agglomerate, quartz and polyester resin. They are prepared to provide all the necessary information about our products, as well as training customers in their proper maintenance.

2. Measurement and Design Department

You can count on our technicians to take measurements on site and analyse drawings. We thoroughly check that the dimensions are correct and that the information is sufficient, ensuring the precision and safety necessary for the success of your project.

3. Production

After measurement, we move on to the crucial stage of transformation at our factory in Montelavar. With advanced techniques and meticulous attention to detail, each piece is rigorously supervised to ensure compliance with our high standards.

4. Packaging

We ensure that our products are meticulously packaged before they are delivered to our customers. This packaging ensures that the products can be transported safely to our customers.

In the case of exports, we take additional measures, packing the products and packaging them in metal structures specially designed for this purpose. In this way, we prioritise the integrity and safety of our products at every stage of the process.

5. Installation

We offer assembly services for our products throughout the country. We have several specialised teams ready to guarantee the efficient and careful installation of your kitchen.

At Belgrani, we are dedicated to ensuring maximum excellence at every stage of the installation. From preserving your home's materials to meticulously attention to cleaning, we implement meticulous practices to guarantee the integrity of your environment:
We use methods to contain dust, ensuring a clean and safe environment.
- We take special care to protect doors, sinks and other elements.
- Our careful approach reflects our commitment to providing an excellent installation experience on every project.

We are determined to make a difference in the world with our sustainability policies

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