Raw Materials

We work with the best suppliers and materials on the market

We have a wide variety of granites from all over the world. Our ability to transform any type of natural stone together with compacted stones (Silestone, Dekton, Compac, Neolith, etc.) allows us to manufacture diverse products, adapted to your specific needs.

With an innovative approach, we offer a wide range of possibilities, including recesses, ceilings and skirting boards, as well as the production of special kitchens.

This wide range of solutions gives designers, architects and decorators the freedom to explore unlimited projects in terms of creativity.

We work with the best brands:

In specific situations, we analyse the feasibility of supplying pieces in other materials, such as marble, among others.

We have various types of materials

When choosing raw materials such as granite or agglomerates, it's important to bear in mind that these are products that are subject to variations in colour, grain and veining.

Belgrani excels at processing Portuguese natural stone, foreign natural stone and numerous agglomerates, whether quartz, ceramic or porcelain. We offer a wide range of granite in different shades, such as grey, pink, yellow, white, blue and black.

We also work with compacted, shock-, acid- and scratch-resistant agglomerates composed of silica, quartz, polyester resin, pigments and other additives. Available in different colours, they are used in kitchens, washbasins, floors and stairs, in large sheets (3.20m by 1.40m) and three different thicknesses: 1.20cm, 2.00cm and 3.00cm.