Excellence and Rigor

We guarantee the highest standards of excellence in the production of each piece. Our rigorous organisation, state-of-the-art technology and accumulated experience guarantee a high-quality end product.

Standard production line

The stages in making worktops for kitchens, bathrooms and shop counters:

Selection of the slab

we select the stone, according to the characteristics requested by the client, and it is removed from the "slab warehouse" and moved by bridge crane.

Cutting the plate

we cut the stone with great precision.

Fluted or bevelled

the tops are finished with a fluted, bevelled or composite system.

Digging the holes

digging the holes (hob and sink).


we put the finishing touches to the worktops.

Quality Control

we monitor the quality of the final product with the utmost rigour.


the product is prepared for safe transport to the customer. At every stage of this production line, work is carried out using water.

At every stage of this production line, work is carried out using water.

Design kitchen production line

At this stage, production integrates CNC machines, whose computerised system automatically performs roughing, countersinking, milling and polishing. This line makes it possible to manufacture high quality products in record time, as well as solid pieces such as kitchens with complex designs.

Through the application of the most advanced technology, Belgrani's CNC machines guarantee a final result of extraordinary perfection.

What Distinguishes Us:

Continuous optimisation in production

Committed to responding effectively to market demands, Belgrani has made substantial investments in the acquisition of state-of-the-art machines. We carry out a rigorous evaluation of new machines to increase efficiency, with the aim of providing customers with faster delivery of their kitchens. Our quest for efficiency and innovation is relentless, ensuring that each process contributes to excellence and customer satisfaction.


At Belgrani, we recognise the importance of training to ensure excellence at every point of contact and constant updating of market trends. We provide specialised training to our partners and have the capacity to offer direct training to our customers, providing them with more in-depth product knowledge. 


Continuous investment in training ensures that we guarantee quality from the moment of sale to delivery, providing a consistent and informed experience for our customers.