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The work consisted of replacing a very large Dekton countertop that had been poorly installed and poorly finished by a competitor who also left it damaged in some places. The new countertop is very well installed and Belgrani provided a competent and very professional service. We highly recommend this company.

Torres M.

The process was quick, thorough and efficient. They were very attentive, and even applied a product to the marble to make it better protected. My countertop was perfect, I highly recommend it.

Margarida P.

Professional and competent, quality in products and installation.

José Afonso A.

Everything seems in order, well executed.

Wouters A.

Thank you for your quick and efficient feedback.

Jessy W.

Great, thank you Simone, let’s continue this good partnership. 😊

Thomas H.
Store owner

Thank you for your excellent work! 😃

Guillaume D.

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