Committed to a better world

At Belgrani, sustainability is more than a concern; it's a concrete commitment that guides every step of our process:

Efficient utilisation of raw materials

We endeavour to avoid waste by adopting innovative practices. We reuse leftover raw materials as much as possible, trialling kitchen layouts to integrate these elements into new works, ensuring a more efficient use of resources.

Sustainable cutting methods

Our approach to cutting method and layout is designed to minimise raw material waste. Each cut is strategically planned to optimise the use of materials, reducing environmental impact.

Responsible water treatment

We have an advanced water treatment plant, implementing technologies such as osmosis to ensure that every drop is managed responsibly, contributing to the preservation of water resources. By reusing water in a closed circuit, we not only reduce our water footprint, but also avoid contaminating outside water and soil.

Green energy

We are committed to adopting even greener practices, including the use of solar power and green energy, as part of our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.